Alex Garland’s dystopian, state-of-the-nation action film Civil War isn’t even on general release yet but it has still managed to provoke a certain amount of debate on social media. Some have questioned its timing; it is seen as potentially driving yet another wedge between the public and dividing the masses in the run-out to the critical US general elections on 5 November. Others have argued that it is sending out a chilling message that one section of society could subconsciously latch on to, embedding an idea of the US plunging into an all-out civil war in which people are forced to pick sides.


The press are the good guys, but also kind of the bad guys, in Alex Garland’s virtuosic “Civil War,” a jarring ground-level account of what a near-future disunification of the United States might look like. Intended as a wake-up call, the long-fuse thriller — which starts slow and snowballs to a jaw-dropping raid on Washington, D.C. — embeds viewers alongside a dedicated team of journalists making their way to the Capitol while the country unravels around them. It’s the most upsetting dystopian vision yet from the sci-fi brain that killed off all of London for the zombie uprising depicted in “28 Days Later,” and one that can’t be easily consumed as entertainment. A provocative shock to the system, “Civil War” is designed to be divisive. Ironically, it’s also meant to bring folks together.

'Civil War' cast?

Kirsten Dunst (Lee)

Wagner Moura (Joel)

Cailee Spaeny (Jessie)

Stephen McKinley Henderson (Sammy)

Sonoya Mizuno (Anya)

Nick Offerman (US President)

Jefferson White (Dave)

Juani Feliz (Joy Butler)

Nelson Lee (Tony)

Edmund Donovan (Eddie)

Jin Ha (A sniper)